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   Подарочные сертификаты


Популярные предложения

Подарочный сертификат - полет на воздушном шаре для двоих
 на основе 716 мнений

Полет на воздушном шаре для 4-х человек
 на основе 302 мнений

День рождения в воздухе на воздушном шаре
 на основе 344 мнений

Уникальное предложение: необычный сюрприз - полет на воздушном шаре
 на основе 247 мнений

Пикник в небе на воздушном шаре
 на основе 256 мнений

Полет на воздушном шаре Сердце
 на основе 358 мнений


Welcome to the Vozduhoplavateli Club!


Got tired of the routine and daily fuss, want to experience new feelings and while away your leisure time in a new way? In such a case we invite you to spend a part of your time in the Vozduhoplavateli Club. We fly as we enjoy it, and we would like to share this joy with you.

The Vozduhoplavateli Club (certificate of trademark registration no. 444291) is a team of professionals which are able to arrange an extraordinary corporate party, an unforgettable wedding, birthday, anniversary present, that will definitely be appreciated by your friends, partners, clients, and colleagues. We will be pleased to organize exciting individual and corporate balloon, helicopter and airship flights over the world for you. Flying is cool!
We have been developing and implementing creative advertising campaigns on balloons and airships since 2000. In accordance with the customer-oriented program, our highly-experienced pilots carry out advertising balloon and airship flights in regions which are of high priority to the customer. We fly with the customer's ads at  prestigious aeronautical events, fiestas, shows, national and municipal festivals.  The pilots of the club participate in Russian sport aeronautical events.

The Vozduhoplavateli Club will help you make such dreams of yours come true:
– fly a balloon, airship or helicopter
– rent or purchase aircraft
– receive flight instructions and become a balloon, airship, helicopter pilot
– implement a creative advertising campaign
– get unforgettable impressions in the sky and make friends with new people.

The Vozduhoplavateli Club (certificate of trademark registration no. 444291) pays much attention to flight safety and professional training for balloon, airship and helicopter flying. The basis of our aircraft fleet is formed by club balloons with symbols of the club and "Vozduhoplavateli" inscription. Our flight instructors have developed a special pilot training program meant for professional aeronautical clubs.

We are also engaged in aircraft sale, operation, and maintenance. The club renders assistance in public registration and certification of aerostatical aircrafts, prolongation of certificates of airworthiness for hot-air balloons.
Our club is one of the leaders of the small aircraft market. The employees of the club are highly-experienced aviation specialists, professional managers having a passion for the sky. Our regular customers include leading companies in various industries, public institutions, advertising agencies, creative labs and film production studios.

Traveling in a balloon is an extraordinary and unforgettable event for every participant.
You will experience a gorgeous bird's eye panorama, which could be described by a poet only. We are absolutely ready to cooperate with you and eager to receive any initiative of our visitors!
See our new project: The Aeronauts’ Magazine..

E-mail: info@vozduhoplavateli.ru    

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